There are two things that we absolutely guarantee to those who attend East Gate Church.


We guarantee that there is a 100% chance that at least once (probably multiple times) you will be offended by someone or something at East Gate Church.
Because East Gate Church is an ethnically, culturally, and economically diverse church family, you will be interacting with people who come from life experiences that are wildly different than yours. As a result, as you interact and build relationships with people who are different than you, you will naturally do and say things that you may not even know are offensive and your new friends are sure to do the same thing. Take heart, this simply gives us the privilege of giving back the grace and humility that God has given to each one of us.


We guarantee that you will not like 100% of what we do at East Gate Church.
If you are looking for a church that is “perfect”, we promise that East Gate Church isn’t the place. Ultimately, being part of a church family is far more about blessing God and others than just worrying about ourselves. As such, there are going to be days when you don’t like the style of music that we sing or the particular section of God’s Word that we teach. But when you love God and others more than yourself, God will help you be okay with that and eventually even embrace it.
Even though East Gate isn’t the perfect church, it is a great church—a church filled with those who are being transformed by the life giving love of Jesus Christ, who greatly desires others to experience the hope, joy, peace, and power that comes with faith in Him.