This Is Us


East Gate Church was founded as The Praise Tabernacle in 1983. It was the first non Catholic church in the nation’s oldest suburb, Levittown, NY. We were and are a church that believes in the liberty of the Holy Spirit, the freedom of spontaneous worship and the life altering power of the preaching of the Word. In 2018, as God was reviving the vision and confirming His purpose, the church was renamed and relaunched as East Gate Church.


“We exist to connect people to God and the power of His presence!”


The moment you step foot in East Gate Church, you will be met by one of our loving and welcoming greeters. They will give you all the information you may need to know about that day’s service. If it is your first time they will give you a connect card and introduce you to one of our awesome ushers! While all of this is happening you will already feel the power of the music rocking the building. We love to worship energetically, loudly and with passion! We do however have earplugs available in case this is too much for you. Once you step into the service you will immediately feel something that may seem foreign but don’t be afraid, it is the presence of God. After the music, the preaching will start. The preaching will both encourage and challenge your status quo… it’s a good thing! Many have had their lives changed by our Sunday Morning Experience and if you are curious come and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!